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    Going to grandma’s house is always a treat. There is the promise of fresh baked cookies, cable TV and a candy jar full to the brim with delicious morsels. With all the joy associated with a grandmother’s house, isn’t it true that a grandma’s repertoire always includes a dark and scary basement?

    To illustrate our point, imagine yourself as a child, excited for grandma’s house. Like every visit to grandmother’s house, it starts with hugs and kisses and extreme doting. However, when it is time for dinner, grandma asks you to get a bag of frozen peas from the freezer. You pale, stiffen, but agree to the task and tremulously make your way to the stairs leading to the basement. With each creaking step you grow closer to the spider-infested, super-scary storage room that holds the deep chest freezer. Upon reaching the freezer you throw open the lid and do a preliminary scan, hoping to see the peas waiting on top. No such luck. With hasty fingers, you scrape through the icy mess that is piles on piles of frozen objects. Finally, halfway down you grasp a bag of frozen peas from beneath a freezer burned chunk of meat. Triumphantly you sprint up the stairs, frozen fingers and all, running away from the dark, spiders and all things creepy that live in basements.

    This may be an extreme example of the horrors of a deep chest freezer, but so many things in the story ring true: digging through piles on piles of frozen food, freezer burned meat and frozen fingers. Advancements in the freezer world have caused these definite downfalls to give birth to a new fangled idea: upright freezers. These upright freezers have stolen the stage from deep chest freezers, overriding more storage space with promises of organized food storage and minimal digging. Today, you can buy an upright freezer with a 20.6-cubic-feet capacity for around the same price as a 19.7-cubic-feet chest freezer. To us, the ease and convenience of an upright freezer stomp all over the chest freezer’s amazing storage space.

    However, one major plus that deep freezers will always have is their ability to hold their cold temperature for longer than an upright freezer. With frozen ham stacked on top of frozen peas stacked on top of frozen strawberries, it is obvious why the cold permeates. Fortunately, most of the upright freezers we reviewed have external temperature controls that tell you where the food temperature is going without having to open the door. By containing the cold air, the power is likely to be on before any of the food goes bad.
    Upright freezers also have the ability to maintain different temperatures for housing different types of food, unlike the constant temperature of a deep freezer. For example, most upright freezers are equipped with a Soft Freeze Zone. Everything placed in this area will be kept frozen at a slightly higher temperature. The Soft Freeze Zone is a perfect area to keep ice cream at a scoopable consistency.

    While you may not be as afraid to head down into grandma’s basement on your mission for a frozen bag of peas than you used to be, the horror of digging with frozen fingers through piles on piles of food never goes away. Why not surprise your grandma with a new upright freezer? We’re sure a gift like that would mean extra chocolate chip cookies for you. While you're at it, get one for yourself, too.

    Upright Freezer Review Articles
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