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Upright Freezer Review

Why Buy an Upright Freezer?

Refrigerators are an incredible invention. They keep foods at safe temperatures, making it possible to enjoy a wide variety of foods regardless of the season. Unfortunately, they don't usually have much freezer space allocated and you can quickly run out of space for your frozen foods. Investing in an upright freezer is a wise choice, especially if you have a large family or just need extra space for cold food storage. On this site you will find informative articles and upright freezer reviews of the top upright freezers like the Kenmore 22042, the Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW and the Maytag MZF34X16DW. These reviews can help you learn more about the various features of each freezer as well as their energy and cost savings.

Choosing the Best Upright Freezer for Your Needs

Through our research, we found that most upright freezer manufacturers, like GE, Frigidaire, Maytag and Kenmore, offer freezers that range in quality, efficiency and size. What really makes the biggest difference between upright freezer models is their storage capacity and energy efficiency.

Saving money by buying and freezing food for use later is only one way upright freezers can help your budget. Look for a freezer that is Energy Star compliant and has a low estimated yearly operating cost. Upright deep freezers that use less power and work more efficiently can help your food last longer and taste better, as well as help the environment and reduce your power bill. While it is most common for the temperature controls to be on the inside of your freezer, some higher-priced models have external temperature controls that allow you to adjust the cold inside the freezer without opening the door.

When shopping around for your next upright freezer, you should take into account the amount of food you regularly store in your freezer and the kinds of food you want to store. The average amount of frozen food storage per person equates to 2.5 cubic feet. If you anticipate you are going to store food for four or more people, look for an upright freezer that has a large storage capacity of at least 16 cubic feet. If you only need to supplement your refrigerator's freezer, a small upright freezer is your best option.

You need enough space to store your Thanksgiving turkey, frozen pizzas, vegetables, ice cream and more. Depending on what foods you want to store and their size, you should look at the capacity of a chest freezer first. Turkeys and hams take up a lot of room, as can boxed foods or packaged meats. The larger the capacity, the more frozen food you can buy and store.

What Else is Important When Selecting an Upright Freezer?

While they may seem simple, freezers offer more today than in previous decades. No longer are they energy hogs or generators of ice-crystal palaces. But what really makes an upright freezer right for you beyond capacity and energy efficiency? Through our research and testing, we have assembled other categories to consider when you are looking for the right upright freezer for your lifestyle.

Important design features such as the number of shelves or baskets can help you decide which upright deep freezer will fit your needs best. Look for a freezer that has plenty of shelves to hold your food without tearing boxes or bags because they are too close together. Adjustable shelving is an optimal design feature, as it allows you to change your frozen food storage space as needed. This is great news, especially if the local grocery store has unexpected frozen food bargains you just can't pass up.

Another great feature for an upright freezer to have, though it is often overlooked, is a visible power indicator or an alert or monitor to warn you if the temperature range is unacceptable. The worst thing that can happen to a freezer is to have a power outage that renders your freezer incapable of providing continuous cold to your food storage. A quick glance to see if your upright freezer's power light is on can provide reassurance while an alarm or monitor alerts you to any potential problems. Additionally, a locking door can keep others out of your food, especially young children who may accidentally leave the door open, releasing the cold air.

An upright freezer needs a bright light, preferably a long-lasting LED. Bright lighting makes it easy to find what you need day or night instead of digging through a dark ice tunnel like an arctic explorer. Additionally, the best upright freezers automatically defrost and are frost-free. These functions reduce or eliminate annoying frost buildup and free you from the chore of manually defrosting your freezer.

Warranty & Dimensions
A good upright freezer should be covered by a reliable warranty. The standard warranty length is one year, but many manufacturers offer extended warranty coverage for an additional cost. Dimensions are key to whether the upright freezer you choose will fit into the space you desire or not. Upright freezers need at least an additional 3 inches to both sides and at least an inch behind them for air flow, so be sure to take that into consideration when measuring the space you want to place the freezer in.

Unlike your refrigerator, an upright freezer is not meant for regular household use. If you opened and shut your freezer door as much as your refrigerator, your freezer would be hard-pressed to maintain an accurate temperature. Fortunately, upright freezers fit nicely in your basement, garage or other place that's out of the way, allowing it to function normally without constant interruption.

Because freezers are often located in rooms that are not as insulated as your home's interior, you should consider carefully where the best location is for your upright freezer. For example, if you decide to place your freezer in your garage, consider the high and low temperatures it may experience during the summer and winter months. Placing the freezer against a west-facing wall in your garage is not a good choice, as the heat from the sun will collect in the garage, forcing the freezer to work harder. This uses more energy and can cause your power bill to rise.

Another factor that can influence your decision of what freezer to buy is the direction the door swings open. The best upright freezers have reversible doors, a function that requires you or your installer to place the hinges on the opposite side of the door. This allows you more flexibility with where you can place your freezer, and it makes it easier to access your food without blocking your movements. You may be limited in which locations you can choose with your home design or layout, but if you want the best performance from your freezer, planning ahead before you make a purchase can save you from frustration and disappointment later.

Upright Freezers: Our Verdict and Recommendations
As we sought out the top upright freezer models, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, the Kenmore 22042, rose above the rest by offering plenty of energy efficiency and storage for a large home. Our Silver Award winner, the Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW, and our Bronze Award winner, the Maytag MZF34X16DW, provide you with the optimal features for storing your frozen foods.

These three freezers are excellent models and are just a few of the options you have to keep your frozen food at the temperature you want. Finding the best upright freezer for your situation doesn't have to be hard work. Whether you intend to build up your frozen food storage or just need extra room for your family's groceries, use our upright freezer reviews to compare which deep freezer will accommodate your needs and expand your frozen food storage capabilities.